How Your Carpet Cleaning Professionally Does It

carpet cleaning

If you're considering getting your carpet cleaned, it's a good idea to know how to find a professional carpet cleaner. Professionals know how to work the equipment and chemicals they use to clean your carpets thoroughly without damage to your furniture or floors. They also know which chemicals, equipment, and cleaning solutions are best for your carpet type, the carpet fiber, and your carpets condition. Professionals are also experienced and knowledgeable about the health risks involved with handling carpet cleaning products, which can range from mild to severe. Knowing how to find a carpet cleaner also includes understanding how to recognize a good quality carpet cleaner from a cheap carpet cleaner. It's important that you take the time to learn how to find a professional carpet cleaner before you schedule a service or purchase carpet cleaning products.

When you first decide to have your carpet cleaning professional clean your carpets, ask him or her about his or her preferred extraction method. Professional carpet cleaners may recommend a technique such as bonnet or carpet shampooing to help remove stains from your carpet fibers. Bonnet extraction, in which a carpet cleaning machine spins in a forward motion, removes more dirt particles from your carpet, resulting in fresher carpet with improved carpet color and texture. Carpet shampooing involves using warm water and carpet shampoo to cleanse the carpet thoroughly, removing stains, grease, and odor. Before choosing either carpet cleaning technique, ensure that the carpet cleaning machine you're considering uses the proper chemicals, equipment, and techniques to get the job done right.

The last technique used by professional carpet cleaning machines is a combination of heat and cold temperatures. High temperatures force dirt, grease, and liquids to become cold, thus killing bacteria. Cold temperatures penetrate deeper into carpet fibres, breaking down stains and reducing the risk of mold growth. Cold fusion, a combination of heat and cold temperature, is the most commonly chosen technique for deep carpet cleanings. Chemical cleaning agents are usually applied to the surface of carpets, and then a mixture of detergents, heat, and chemicals is used to extract dirt and remove stains.