A Look at the Belfast News

Belfast News is a periodical that provides an up to date view of developments within the region. It is published on a quarterly basis and has been the preferred publication for many years because it gives an all-engulfing insights of what is happening not only in Belfast but also in other parts of Northern Ireland and the rest of UK as well. The Belfast News relays vital information and news from all over the county including the exciting stories that bring celebrities to the city. These include the famous public speaking engagements of celebrities such as Baroness Warsi who makes her Belfast News debut in its 10th issue. She is set to appear in the forthcoming movie "Titanic" which is set to be one of the most successful films of this year. She is the latest celebrity to lend her name to a Belfast News column.

Belfast news

The Irish News on the other hand is a daily Irish newspaper that features stories from all across Ireland including stories from its biggest city, Dublin. It also includes stories and information about events that are occurring all around the country including interviews with leading politicians, sport figures and entertainers. An interesting feature that the Irish News includes is an audio tour of some of the castles in County Down. A visit to Knock Junction in County Down as well as a trip down to Portadown and its lovely shoreline park is also featured in the Irish News.

The Belfast News on paper is also packed full of interesting information on all aspects of life in Belfast including new shops opening and features on the architecture and design of some of the buildings in the area. A visit to the Irish Cultural Centre in Belfast can also be found in the Belfast News on Wednesday and this provides an insight into the style of architecture that is currently being used throughout the city. Lord Mayor Peter Mandelson also makes an appearance on the Belfast News website to discuss his recent term as a guest speaker at a fundraising gala for the British Medical Association at the University of Belfast. He is due to give a speech on the second day of the gala.